Wednesday, 7 September 2011


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Ginjou are more against other members and Xcution Shishigawara Shishigawara and uses its "Jackpot Knuckles" Full Porter to break the guard of the sword Ginjou.

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It seems that Shishigawara Ginjou considered an enemy, before any other Fullbringers were cut.

Shishigawara fullbring is the Jackpot. It was he who was destined to take over Orihime, but her pussy was whipped for it.

This is a complete picture of the door. We added a caption: Moe complete Shishigawara Porto - Knuckle Jackpot.

Some time after his attack on Uryu, sends Tsukishima Moe Shishigawara attacking Orihime Inoue, but he says he does not need to do something.

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