Friday, 19 August 2011

Japan Earthquake Today

Japan Earthquake Today,I’m wondering how far the earthquake this morning could be felt. I have family in South Korea and am curious if it affected them at all.Hi, I live in Japan. I was at my school gym and I thought I was gonna die from all the panicking and the earthquakes. Stuffs were falling from the ceiling, …etc.

It won’t effect China and South Korea apparently…cause of the wave structures and so on. It went to the U.S. and Norway. Its apparently a mess there too.BTW this is apparently only the BEGINNING of the huge earthquake…daaaaaammmmnn.

It depends on which side of the South Korea your family lives. if its on the east side…your family could be in trouble for the upcoming earthquakes (if it happens). so just be careful.Hope it doesn’t happen…good luck to everyone icon wink Japan Earthquake Today

btw its not magnitude 8.9. It says like that in the U.S. and some other countries but Japan says its 8.8. It might change later on, but for now its 8.8. so far no. it hasn’t/won’t hit south korea.

the tsunami warning only extended across the Pacific to North and South America, where many other coastal regions were evacuated.

ptwc.weather.gov/ the earthquake itself was im 99% sure a 8.9 and the after shock which was a 7 something & it caused a tsunami & that caused waves to go all the way to hawaii but no one was injured there . hope this helps you .

Maybe i live in Saskatchewan canada and i vase in my house fall over the same time the earthquake hit. It could just be a coincidence but its kinda freaky anyway.
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