Friday, 19 August 2011

Taylor Swift on a Wardrobe Malfunction at St. Louis Concert (Video)

Unexpected moments happen. If you come across reading at various entertainment sites, your attention will surely be caught by a statement that the famous singer Taylor Swift recently suffered from a wardrobe malfunction last Friday night during her concert in St. Louis.

Fans were on wow not just seeing beautiful Taylor performing live on stage but it seemed that they have found themselves big-eyed when Taylor’s dress had been blown underneath. Such incident happened in front of the thousand loyal admirers who attended Taylor Swift’s Saturday concert.

That moment, the young singer was singing her hit song called “You Belong with Me”. Many have been describing Taylor’s wardrobe malfunction to be similar as that of legendary female artist Marilyn Monroe.

Audience seem to call it as Taylor Swift’s Marilyn Monroe moment when it happened that the wind blew the bottom part of this singer’s dress. As a result, her skin-toned undies were unintentionally exposed on stage for nearly a matter of 35 seconds.

Well, Taylor might have been a bit prepared to handle moments that are unpredictable as she managed to continue her performance without missing even a single note. She is really an expert in managing situations like that.

Well, everyone could have been into that unwanted situation before. Many performing artists have previously encountered that for sure and Taylor was unluckily one of them. It’s normal indeed.

No wonder, Taylor was hailed as the Entertainer of the Year by the ACM.

Hold your eyes wide open and come close to see Taylor Swift’s Marilyn-Monroe-moment with the video below:
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