Friday, 19 August 2011

Salman Khan, My Best is Yet to Come

Salman Khan, My Best is Yet to Come, Salman Khan is in a mood to talk. His film Bodyguard releases this month-end and the actor is busy giving interviews. We caught up with him at Yash Raj Studios. You seem to have found the formula for success…Not at all! As long as luck is on my side, the going will be good. The audience has to love my work for a film to be a hit. When you start flying high, God knocks sense into you and tells you, ‘Idiot, don’t act too smart or you’ll fall flat.’ It’s always about choosing the right option.

Are you a bit nervous with the high expectations people have of you and Bodyguard? No, I’m focused on the job at hand. It’s not like I’m in NASA and researching on cars running on water, instead of petrol. In cinema, we’re more guided by emotions and gut feeling. Once the audience starts getting tired, they won’t like your films.

After Dabangg last Eid, you’re becoming synonymous with festival releases, just like Aamir Khan had become synonymous with Christmas releases…
It’s not about Eid. If I release a lousy film, then people won’t see it. People decide whether they want to see the movie or no after watching the promos. With Bodyguard, I’m catering to all kinds of people. Bodyguard’s second half is more for men. And they will have khushi ke aansoon in the end. Why would I want you to spend money to get bored and shed tears of sadness?

You’ve managed a casting coup of sorts, Kareena as heroine and Kat as item girl,  in Bodyguard…No casting coup yaar! Katrina is there in just the song. I’ve been Katrina’s bodyguard so far in real life. So why not in reel life also?

At 40 plus, do you feel fit enough to do all these action movies?
The reason I started doing all these action films is to get into a fitness routine. I certainly feel fitter today than I was earlier, and I attribute this to eating correctly and working out regularly. If I indulge in desserts after dinner, then I ensure I burn those calories later.

What about writing and directing movies?That’s for later ¦ jab time kharab hoga, not like it is now. When people don’t want to see me any more, then I’ll think of writing and directing. So would you say this is the best phase of your career?
No. I think that is yet to come.


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