Friday, 19 August 2011

Roman Empire’s Rise and Fall: Trees Unleash the Recorded Information

A deep insight of the tree growth rings has revealed the possibility of a link between the rise and fall of past civilizations such as Roman Empire and climatic transformation in Europe.

The concept struck when researchers gathered some statistical data for analysis purposes. The purpose was to find the link between the current situation of the world and the situation 2500 years ago. For all such reasons, the researchers supported their findings using 9000 wooden artifacts. These artifacts are said to be 2500 years old.

They found a very interesting fact that warm periods or wet summers corresponded to prosperity and rise while the climatic instability cause political disorder. These findings have also been published by Journal Science. You can view them online.
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The co-author of Ulf Buntgen who is also a paleoclimatologist at Swiss Federal Research Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape shared that there are examples that indicate the weather changes or the climate changes have impacted human race 2500 years ago.


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